FAVR - Fixed and Variable Rate Plan

How to cut costs on vehicle mileage and expenses for your company - in the USA

FAVR for your BUSINESS Depreciation and 2010-51 Standard Auto Costs MILEAGE LOG THE AUTHOR
I am Roger Chartier, the author of FAVR.cc.

I have an interest in the Fixed And Variable Rate Plan where an employer can use the system that costs the least amount of capital to maintain the vehicles that run their business.

FAVR also reduces the business' risk and other tax problems.
If you are the employee, then there are other methods to get a tax advantage for your car, pickup truck or panel van that might pay you a better amount.

I have discussed those on some other sites, such as the Actual Expense method and the Standard-Mileage-Rate  of deduction.

This website discusses the FAVR plan, and I find it to be an interesting method of covering transportation costs for employees.

There have been employers who have used any of the three methods that I have mentioned and end up preferring the FAVR plan for it's savings.

It isn't for everyone as it has limits and requirements that not everyone would want to deal with, but it is very good for some companies.

There is a large company who looked into the costs of both methods and chose to stay with the fleet because of the appearance of the vehicles and the solid look it gave the company.

It might have cost the company a bit of money, but it was the decision of the look of the same cars with advertising on them that gave the impression of a stronger company.

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