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Standard Auto Costs - Maximum Cost for a Vehicle

The IRS has determined that as part of the FAVR (Fixed And Variable Rate Plan)
they will annually publish the maximum cost for an auto or truck and van.

They determine that for the year 2013 the standard automobile cost may not exceed:

$28,100 for automobiles
(Excluding trucks and vans)

$29,900 for trucks and vans.

Effective date (We will update this yearly).

On or after January 1, 2013. This covers the FAVR payments starting date for this
cost of vehicle analysis.

The system works well. I suggest that if you are in the position to try it, then do an
analysis of your expenses  for the system you are using, and the FAVR system.

Then you can decide one way or the other if you will go ahead with the FAVR system.